December 16, 2012

Feature of the Month | December 2012

As Zoharously Glamorous as Damir Salikhov

"Fashion is a way to express yourself."

Damir is an online sales person and the owner of the popularly known store, Chinese-Apparel

Stylish Women Black HandbagWomen Beautiful Black Corset Look Top Lace Bottom Dress Retro Bronze Nine Birds Flying Swallow Pendant NecklacelSplendid  Women Blue Long Dress

Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? 
What is your family like? What's your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
I born in Russia, i graduate a South Ural State University in 2010, economics faculty. Interests: fashion, e-commerce, internet, travelling

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is way to express yourself.

When did you realize you wanted to be a part of the industry?
I just start thinking being a part on retail fashion industry about a 2 years ago. 

What is the basis of the name, Chinese-Apparel? What does it entail?
There is no any specific meaning of this name. We try to be understandable . Its pretty simple: we selling women clothes made in China - whats why we identify oneself as a Chinese-Apparel :)

How long have you worked with Chinese-Apparel? What is your job there?
I've been working  from very beginning of Chinese-Apparel. I’m founder and doing every part of job there connected with order processing, customer support, website maintenance, work with suppliers.

Do you have any formal fashion and design education? How has this helped/ affected you in the industry?
Actually i don’t have any fashion or design education. I graduated economics faculty.

Have you ever designed? What was the first piece you ever designed?
Actually i never been a designer - I’m an on-line sales person.

Which of these in your own opinion is the most difficult aspect of running your such a renowned store like Chinese-Apparel: design, production, sales, finance, and advertising?
You really  need to pay attention on every of that aspects in order to run a successful store.

What trends do you see being big for 2013?
I really don't want to take responsibility if i give some predictions :)

Who are some of your favorite designers?
My favorite designer is Alexander Mcqueen.

Where can readers buy your pieces? of course :)

What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?
If you want a produce a high-quality product - make it with love

Do you consider yourself an artist?
No :)

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
I wish all fashion designers take enough patience, diligence and start to create great things

How would you define your personal style?
Sometimes it's casual, sometimes it's something like formal

What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry?
It's day to day hard work

What is the best reward in being a designer?
Customer admiration

What do you love to do when you’re not working?
Travelling, meeting with friends, planning a deals for next day, week, month

What kind of clothes would you never wear?
Punk style, emo style as well :))

Which of your projects has given you the most satisfaction?
All my projects bring me a lot of emotions

Where do you love to shop?

Online or  big malls

What are you afraid of in the future and what plans do you have for yourself?

I have several plans and projects for my nearest future. I don't want to unveil all card right now :)))

"This interview with Damir was awesome, but in the past few days
Chinese-Apparel was sold to an unknown buyer... Hopefully I'll get
a second interview from the new owner of Chinese-Apparel."

November 22, 2012

Supporting a Just Cause

Let me take some time off fashion to tell you all about something very dear to my heart. 

It's about a life saving, future-altering campaign currently being run on Indiegogo. This campaign, called the Dexter's Lab Project, seeks to make the teaching and learning of science less abstract by providing schools with a well equipped science laboratory which will bring a better understanding of science to the pupils and also present science as fun after all and  not difficult as it may seem when you can't appeal to the senses of the kids being taught in the traditional teaching of science. 

 Please do well to check out this campaign on The Dexter's Lab Project  and help make it happen for the team, schools and the kids at large.

Thanks guys and don't forget to watch this video created by the team!

November 17, 2012

Zoharous | African Print Dress with crew neckline

Model: BB
African Print Dress with crew neckline
by Zoharous
Styling: by Belinda
Sandals by Local Cobbler 
Necklace & Belt (Stylist's own)
Hi Everyone,

This is one of my newest designs, I named it "African print dress with crew neckline" and I absolutely fell in love with it the moment it was done. The fabric is called DaViva, which comes in a variety of themes colors and the designs are inspired by the purest of traditions from around the world. The cool part is that they're made of pure cotton. Working with this fabric is just awesome because all through, I looked forward to seeing the finished. 

When I decided to start this dress, I wanted to recreate one of my previously made pieces but two came to mind, and I had to choose only one.

The Beeline Tangerine Pencil Dress, was a piece that I loved so much and broke my heart to sell it at my store.
Another dress I was looking to recreate is the Beeline Tie and Dye Summer Dress... that was also a personal favorite. I'm still wondering why I chose the pencil dress.

Maybe I'm probably looking to perfect me pencil dress making abilities... it looks like its turning out good. The only weird thing, for now, is that recently, my models are headless. I guess this is the last time it will happen.

What do you think about this dress, the styling and everything else???

You can visit my TwitterFacebook and Pinterest pages for details on style and all things fashion. My shop is doing a 45% off discount sale for the festive season so hurry on to Etsy!

My Inspiration


October 25, 2012

Makeup | Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup

Hi Everyone,
These days, I've been looking for the best makeup tips for applying foundation and mascara and eyeliners and all that you can think of. 
I know you're probably think... this girl watches too many videos...
I just can't help it!

Well, I found this cool tutorial on how to do everyday makeup and its really good. I might say its one of the best I've seen.

Have you watched any cool videos recently or heard about cool and easy makeup tips??? Then maybe you should share it with the rest of us.
You can leave the link to the video as a comment but if you'd like me to add it to my makeup posts, then send me an email... It'll be up on Zoharous before you can say Makeup!

You can also check out my TwitterFacebook and Pinterest pages and my shop on Etsy

Products used:
Loreal Eye Liner 
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
Ardell Eye Lash Glue
Eyelashes #33 from Walmart
Contacts: GEO super nudy series in pink
Loreal mascara
Rimmel London White Eyeliner

Video Courtesy:
dearestabbie - Youtube

October 15, 2012

Did You Know... about the Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation line???

Guess what, Guys?
I know I've already done a Did You Know post but I totally had to ask the question again... Did You Know ... ???

Two actresses, Jessica Alba and Michelle Williams, were spotted in the same pair of printed pants from the upcoming Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation line. According to Yahoo! OMG!, this all happened at Kohl's department store. 

The weird part of this reveal is that the pieces from this collection range won't even hit stores until November and prices are from $30 to $150. Now everyone who sees this article on Yahoo! OMG! thinks, 
who wore this best???

                          Seeing these photos, remind me of my post on the cropped trousers

"Alba [left], 31, styled the pants with a black top, black leather motorcycle jacket, a black messenger bag, and T-strap heels as she strolled around Los Angeles. The Honest Company entrepreneur was a little overdressed just to be running errands, don't you think?
Meanwhile, Williams [right], 32, sported the piece while walking her pooch, Lucky, in Portland, Oregon. She paired her pants with a button-down top, Narciso Rodriquez from DesigNation shrunken blazer, black slippers, and dark sunglasses. Perhaps her actual pajama pants — as opposed to this PJ-inspired design — were dirty?"
~ Raechal Leone Shewfelt, A-Line: Celebrity Style

Please let me know who you think worn it best and 
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October 14, 2012

Hair: How to cut Your own side bangs/ fringe

Hi Everyone!

I recently thought of giving myself a cut but I didn't know what I wanted to do... Plus, going all the way to the salon wasn't in my plans so I decided to give myself 'The Ultimate Fringe' [or as some of you might call it, bangs].

Even though I'm getting help from my sister, we also watched a few videos on YouTube and this one was really helpful.

The video was made by milkyvoodoo and I think she's great... It's not easy to make a video, you know... especially not one with you cutting your own hair.

I hope you all like it as much as I did. 

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Don't forget to let me know what you think about this post!

October 13, 2012

Halloween 2012

I just found out about this cool promo from Chinese-Apparel.
We all know that everyone is in an really expectant mood for Halloween, I'm pretty sure you are too :)
So on behalf of Chinese-Apparel, I'd like to announce their new promo with secret name - "Halloween 2012"!
Every lovely customer who makes a purchase for 50$ and more will get a chance to win Chinese-Apparel 100$ voucher!

What you need to take part in this competition: 
1. Like their
Facebook page (  and Pinterest page (

- all updates regarding this promo will be sent to their Facebook and Pinterest pages.

2. Make a purchase of 50$ or more

3. Wait untill 11.01.12 [when the winner will be announced].

Updates will be sent to the Facebook page about every new candidate - so if you make a purchase - you will see your name on our page.
Promo is valid from 10.09.12 till 10.31.12 
(This is a piece of good cartoon about Halloween: 
"Nightmare Before Christmas")


Good luck to everyone and have a scary Halloween!!

October 10, 2012

Did You Know... Your Business Cards are Makeup items???

I would have never thought that this is possible but what do you know??? 
It is! 
Thanks to MichellePhan and other makeup artists, we know how to use business cards to do our every day makeup.

Just learnt some really cool tips from this video! 

Great job Michelle!

If any of you loved the song in this video as much as I did, here's where I downloaded it from (Zippyshare).
Cool right!


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Zoharous: Mustard Pencil Dress with Tie and Dye African Print Band

Wow! Its been sometime since my last post. But I can assure you guys that I wasn't just being idle. 
Nope...  on the contrary, I've been working, working, working. It had been a while since I posted some of my designs so I had to get to work on something spectacular.

This is the dress that I'd like to call the Mustard Pencil Dress with Tie and Dye African Print Band

Model: BB
Mustard Pencil Dress with Tie and Dye African Print Band by Zoharous
Styling by Belinda
Sandals by Local Cobbler 
Necklace (Stylist's own) 

Doing this piece was really fun and exciting even with my amateur sewing skills. The fact that I got the chance to blend this very foreign cotton fabric with the Tie-and Dye African Print strip gave the dress some diversity. No matter how much love I have for this dress, I can't keep it so it's already on sale in my Etsy Shop. See how I described it in the shop,

"This mustard colored pencil dress by Zoharous has been crafted from a cotton fabric. The details include: a round neckline, sleeveless styling, a plain mustard fabric with a tie and dye contrast fabric wrapped around the bust-line. The dress has been cut with a form fitting style..." 

I think I'm finally getting the hang of it... For this look, I had a lot of inspiration that and made this a very confusing choice of styling.


The pencil dress like the pencil skirt is an outfit that flatters a woman's curves and give an hourglass shape. So the only tips I have for taking control of this look is
"Just rock it!
... and don't forget that these dresses always look amazing with heels"

Inspirations Photos Courtesy: Google Images

September 21, 2012

The Zoharous Etsy Shop

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I haven't done any posts recently. I was really busy prepping up a surprise for all of you.

I have finally published my online shop. It's called Zoharous [... as expected]

I started working on this shop earlier on but I opened it officially on the 17th of August and I must say, I'm loving it! The fun thing is that I just completed my first sale... Isn't that great!?!
The picture you can see is called an Etsy Mini and it shows a sneak peek of my shop.

I have also put a tab on my blog.


Makeup Mistakes that Add 10 Years

Mistake #1: Using Too Much Foundation

A foundation that's too thick will settle into fine lines and sap the luminosity from your skin. "Only use foundation where you need it to even out discoloration," says makeup artist Frances Hathaway. "You don't have to cover every inch of your skin." When buying a foundation, avoid those described as "matte," "velvet," and "long-wearing"; look for sheer liquid formulas with light-diffusing pigments. (A great option: Chanel Vitalumiere, $55; 

For those of us who have dry skin, foundation can look patchy and accentuate discoloration, so exfoliate two to three times a week and always apply a moisturizer after cleansing. 

Hathaway's favorite moisturizers to use under foundation: Aveda All Sensitive Moisturizer for combination or normal skin ($33; and Weleda Skin Food for dry skin ($18.50;

Mistake #2: Over-Concealing Your Under-Eye Circles
A thick concealer that comes in a stick or pot will eradicate the shadows under your eyes, but it will also draw attention to the creepiness and fine lines that usually show up in that area first (because the skin there is thin). 

A better option: A brush-on highlighter pen (like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector, $11.99; drugstores) that uses illuminating particles, not opaque color, to camouflage dark circles. Apply it only near the inner corners of your under-eye area, where shadows are most prominent (and lines least). 

Mistake #3: Wearing Deep, Dark Lip Colors
A dark color makes any surface look smaller--a welcome illusion perhaps on your hips but not your lips. To make your mouth look fuller (one hallmark of a youthful face), choose bright lipsticks and glosses (peaches, pinks, vibrant reds) over deep shades (burgundies, wines, browns). Makeup artists use another trick to create the illusion of luscious lips: Before applying color, trace a highlighter pencil along your upper lip line, then buff it out with your finger. (Try Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Hollywoodland, $24; 

Mistake #4: Finishing with Powder
Youthful skin reflects light. Powders prevent light reflection and tend to magnify lines in the skin. If powder has been the final step of your makeup routine since high school, it can be difficult to quit cold-turkey. Here's a three-step program: First, switch to a very sheer translucent powder (like Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, $35; Then, start using it only on your nose and chin. Finally, trade the powder for a packet of blotting tissues--use one, only on the T-zone (nose, chin, and forehead), if you're shiny midday. 

Mistake #5: Wearing Black Eyeliner
Don't skip eyeliner altogether--it's a great way to make your eyes look more open--but choose brown over black, which can be harsh. And keep the color diffuse. "You want to define the eyes with softness and blending, not strict lines," says makeup artist Troy Surratt. "A thick liner can leave the upper lids looking heavier than they are." The best technique: Trace a brown pencil liner along the upper lash line (into the roots of the lashes), focusing on the outer corners; smudge it with a Q-tip. 

[To Be continued in Next post]

September 13, 2012

Zoharous | How to Wear Cropped Trousers

I guess the clothes I have been sewing lately have all been dresses. Well, here's a change!
I decided to try out this trend, the cropped trousers and this is what I was able to produce. What do you guys think!?!

What I personally love about it is that:
(1) Its trendy
(2) Its in tie-and-dye
(3) Its Print!
(4) Its CROPPED!

How to totally rock this look:
It's the year of the pant, and the preferred length is short and ankle-skimming. Add a pair of black pumps or ankle booties and a classic ID bracelet.

My Inspiration:


September 8, 2012

Style: The Cropped Sleeve Blazer

Blazers are a huge trend this fall and the crop is the added touch to this trend. The trendsetters say,

"It’s actually one of the most basic ways of styling your blazer. The cropped sleeve blazer is basically lifting your blazer’s sleeves up to have that gathered look around your elbows. 
Not only does this add detail to your look, but it also adds a whole new style dimension to the usual streamlined sleeves of your outerwear."

Photo From: 10 Crosby Derek Lam Resort 2013
There are actually three major ways to crop your blazer’s sleeve. First way is to fold the edge backwards until the middle of your forearms. Afterwards, you pull your sleeve back until the folded edge is at the end of it and just before the elbows. Next method would be to fold the edge backwards once and then pull it above your elbow. The final way to achieve a cropped sleeve blazer look is to not fold the edge at all and pull it up until your forearms or at the elbow part or even after it.

Photo From: Burberry Prosum Resort 2013
Cropping the sleeves of your blazer is actually a great way of ‘styling’ the item. Usually blazers end at the edge of your palm or at your wrist. Sometimes, it even ends at the middle of your palm. Either way, it can become boring if you just keep it wearing the same way. By styling it, you can actually stretch your dollar a bit when it comes to your blazer. You can create a whole new look and vibe with just some small tweaks in this beloved fashion item — and that is just the sleeve.

Photo From: Rachel Zoe Resort 2013
A cropped sleeve blazer can also create a whole new depth and dimension on your body. Exposing the forearms, it can actually make your whole arm a little slimmer and longer. The cropped and gathered part of the sleeve is also great in creating volume in that area. So if you are a little slim in that body part and wish to create more muscle in that area, by all means, do this style!
But what about the women with big arms? Oddly enough, the cropped sleeve blazer can actually balance it. Because it makes the forearms exposed, that would be the first thing that they would focus on, provided that the blazer is dark in color. The cropped and gathered sleeve in the upper arm actually creates a distracting detail that would hide or even minimize that area.

Photo From: Zero+Maria Cornejo Resort 2013

Overall, the cropped sleeve blazer is a great trend to actually get into. 
(1) You don’t even have to buy another fashion item to achieve this. You can actually do it with the current blazers that you have. So that is definitely a good reason. 
(2) Cropped sleeves can actually flatter and accentuate your upper body, in general, and your arms in particular. So to those who needs these effects, go ahead and do this! 
(3) Finally, this style trend is timeless. Anyone can do it, whatever age bracket they are in. So you know that it encompasses in terms of wearability.

Video done by beautybyjj on YouTube 
Story by ~ Corporate Fashion

September 6, 2012

SPEND 50$ - get an amazing GIFT!

I just heard about this cool giveaway... and I got all the details right here. Check it out!

Here is great deals! Our new GIVEAWAY! 
Rules is pretty simple 
     - buy our amazing stuff for 50$ (shipping included) whatever you like: jacket, dress, skirt, blouses, necklace, rings ets  and we will give you great present!

Promo going 10 days only  from Wednesday, 5th till Saturday, 15th of september - so please do not wait till somebody grab your present :)

Short FAQ:
Q. What i get exactly if buy from you for 50$ or more?
A. You will get stylish women watches or earings or necklace - its up to you!

Q. How should i contact with you about my present?
A. We will contact with you once new order is placed or you can contact with us via e-mail:

Q. If shop for 50$ - should i calculate product price and shipping price? or just product price?
A. Product price and shipping price as well. So its really easy to meet requirements. 

Here is our great presents:

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