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March 20, 2012

Past and Present Works Put Together.

Recently, I have been thinking about what to post... which pictures to use and what to say in my posts. And its been quite difficult.

Finally, as a flipped through a recently-popular magazine in my home, I remembered this old picture I took of a dress I made in 2010. The original idea behind the style of this first dress came from a magazine called "New African Woman" - Issue 5, Page 23. My sister and I loved the style with which the dress was created. So she asked me to make it for her. According to the pictures below, one can easily tell that the two dresses are not exactly alike. However, you can still see the resemblence.... at least I can!

For this shoot, the model wore the "beeline Extraordinary."

Both fabric combinations are clearly of different textures and what I think I love about the both of them is how they effortlessly portray an element of africa in them. The incorporated african prints bring the african origin of the dresses to life in a way... Forgive my obsession with Africa but I just can't help it!

The second picture is a very recent photo and has been set to portray this theme I love and couldn't wait to use... "The Ugly, Pretty". The makeup in this photo was done to show both the Ugly and the "Pretty" at the same time. It gave an extra effect to the look based on the creativity and how easily the viewer can recreate the look through the mind's eye.

For this shoot the models are in the "beeline for Summer" outfits [model on the left wore the white in tangerine dress; model on the right wore the colourful delight skirt, matched with a grey square-necked tank.]

March 3, 2012

Inspirations: Dr. Precious Moloi - Motsepe, The Fashion Doctor.

Dr. Precious Moloi - Motsepe is a South African mother of three children and a trained Medical Practitioner. According to Mari Davis, "She could easily be on the list of the World’s 10 Best Dressed Women if ever she deemed it very important." As the wife of the South African billionaire and entrepreneur, others might say she went into fashion for the money. Clearly, it was not the case. Articles on her say "She entered the fashion world to promote South Africa’s young designers and in turn bring business to her country."

When she was questioned as to her achievements in the fashion industry including her reasons for the steps she had taken, she said, “My family created a philanthropic foundation with projects that tackle education, health and the development of young talents in South Africa, in particular art, culture, sports and fashion.”

She also commended South Africa for its rich and diverse culture and expressed her belief that, if given the proper and necessary training and encouragement, young design talents can cull from these.

Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe hopes to put South African fashion on the worldwide fashion map. To do this she has supported many young South African designers towards achieving their dreams. Gavin Rajah, a leading South African designer has shown his collections in Paris for the past two couture seasons. She also added four South African designers to show in Paris for the then upcoming Paris Haute Couture Fall 2007 season. These designers included Thabani Mavundla, Thula Sindi, Fundudzi (with Creative Director – Craig Jacobs), and David Tlale, making it a total of five, with Gavin Rajah topping the list.

She has been Chairman of Leisureworx, the organizers of Capetown Fashion Week, Durban Fashion Week and Johannesburg Fashion Week, each of them hold bi-annual shows in South Africa. We love her for her self-assurance, determination, and perseverance through the challenges she encounters for Africa.

Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe is the inspiration for March, 2012. Photos courtesy of Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe Article: Mari Davis