June 21, 2012

Beeline Tangerine Pencil Dress

I thought this fabric would look good with a lovely 'partial - gathered - dress' and so I made one for myself [Can be viewed in previous post: Past and Present Works Put Together] but people, being as dynamic as we are, my sister [the model] asked for something more curve-revealing.  

Tangerine Pencil Dress by Beeline Clothings [self made],  Makeup and Styling by Belinda [self], Ear-rings by  Unknown Designer.

Considering the fact that I have to please the client, I had to agree and fulfill her wish. So here it is the beeline tangerine pencil dress! 

I believe that depending on how this dress is accessorized, it can be worn be anyone and for any occasion.

My Inspirations:

June 13, 2012

Makeup: More on Boy to Girl Makeovers

I think I'm just fascinated with these make-overs... Its amazing how some guys don't own one item of makeup, meanwhile others use it so much that they transform into a different person totally! 

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