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July 29, 2012

Beeline Clothings: Tie and Dye Summer Dress

Even though I'm changing the name of my line, work must go on... Right?!? 

Well, this is my latest design. It's a layered, summer dress that I think is really perfect for this time of the year. Its has two different fabrics. The overall fabric is some form of cotton but its a tie-and-dye print called Batik, which is extremely popular here in Ghana. The lower one is also called Woodin.

I think I'm in love with this dress!

What do you think?

Tie and Dye Summer Dress by Beeline Clothings [self],
Makeup and Styling by Belinda [self], Earrings by Unknown Designer.

Cardigan by Valerie Stevens [Two-Ply Cashmere],
Makeup and Styling by Belinda [self], Earrings by Unknown Designer. 

My Inspiration:

 Photography Courtesy:
Summer Dress
Wrap-Layered Dresses

July 1, 2012

My Newest Creation - Military Fashion Inspiration

I wasn't too sure if the military fashion is a trend for 2012 but I've been feeling the military vibe lately and it has finally affected my sewing. After a brief research on the details of this trend, I got some really good information and a few how-to tips on working the look. 

So I went through all my inspiration, put two-and-two together and this is the first thing that came out of it!


I gathered that, ever since 2010 the military fashion has been one of the new trends and this year, picked this military look like the inspiration for the winter season. They showcase a lot of jackets for women and men as well

Some of the tips I got include the following:
  • To set off slick military cuts, you might want to apply a bit of gold detail and ornate trims, brass buttons and belted styles
  • For the ultimate rock chic, skinny pants or shiny leggings are the perfect accompaniments, topped up with killer heels and a killer attitude
  • Being practical with the trend works! 
  • Opt for the traditional black navy or grey for versatility or better still try a grenadier guard-inspired red
  • Do military styling doesn't have to be obvious
  • Work two trends in one by seeking out tops with statement shoulders featuring embellishments to give a salute to the military trend!

My Inspiration: