August 31, 2012

Two Gorgeous Awards

Today, I received two awards from my sweet friend, Chris-Ed
It did come as a surprise to me and I'm so happy that I want her to know I appreciate her love! 
She owns an awesome blog, where she talks about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, movies and music in a very cool way. 
I wish you'd check out her blog on Chris-Ed!

Thanks, Chris!

I have to pass these awards on to 10 other blogs!

 My 10 winners are:



These are great blogs.

August 29, 2012

Funky Groove with Zoharous!

I have Good news that I want to share with everyone! 

Well, the news is that Zoharous is going to launch its new online store... I'm so excited that it's surprising. I knew I had to get one soon but it still stuns me to think that it's actually going to happen.
For the store, I plan to showcase some or maybe all of the old clothes that I have put on this blog... So if you saw something you liked, this is your chance to get it!

Okay, enough about the store... We'll talk about it in the next post... That is, when I actually do the launch. 

This is my new design... Another secretive model, right!?! I guess I might have to find some more confident ones for my other shoots. This skirt is a high-waist wannabe. The funky groove aspect of this look is the fact that the skirt was layered with African print at the base and paired with black tights. 

The main skirt was made of Woodin and the layering was done with DaViva, a recently popular fabric in Ghana. I love working with DaViva fabrics because they have this come in some really beautiful patterns and shapes. These are unique to their pieces and I like that about them.

Well, what do you guys think?!?

My Inspiration:

August 24, 2012

Did You Know... You Don't Have to Wear High Heels All Through an Event???

Smash hit: Jennifer Hudson looks glamorous on the set of Smash
Jennifer Hudson on the set of Smash
Before talking about High-heels, let's focus on Academy Award-winning actress, Jennifer Hudson for a moment. 

She has recently lost 80lbs since last year and it's no wonder Miss Hudson was keen to show off her toned curves in a figure-hugging black lace dress. 

The Little Black Dress is perfect for any occasion but with lace as an added touch, it gives the dress an even more glamorous look.

Jennifer was spotted getting out of a limousine in a pair of black peep-toe pumps, a diamond tennis bracelet and a slash of eye-catching fuschia lipstick.

We all love Jennifer but seeing her in this next photo made me think, '... you don't have to...' Here, she was spotted without her heels and I think its inspiring.

Rehearsals: Jennifer saved her feet by wearing comfy slippers when off-cameraRehearsals: Jennifer saved her feet by wearing comfy slippers when off-cameraRehearsals: Jennifer saved her feet by wearing comfy slippers when off-camera

Now back to high-heels... It's essential that you wear heels when necessary and I know women all over the world wear them to feel skinnier, sexier and taller. But when you put your feet in, do they have to stay there till you leave work or whatever event you attend? 

I went searching for some tips that should help those of us who can't stay away from stilettos. Here they are:

(1) Always keep flats with you so you can change!

(2) Wear them for hours at a time, say 4 - 5 at home before wearing them out. This will allow the shoes to mold to your feet. It's called 'Breaking them in', which should be done especially while doing your chores. It helps stretch the shoes in different directions. 

(3) Wear heels 2-3 times a week. When you're wearing flats, your feet grow accustomed to your weight being applied evenly. However, wearing flip flops everyday allows your feet to expand, not only causing dryness and cracking, but also making it harder to walk on a narrower sole.

(4) Before you put on your shoes, put on a moisturizing lotion, particularly one containing aloe and vitamin e. This will keep your skin soft so that straps and buckles slide back and forth evenly, avoiding blisters and abrasions. You may even want to bring a small bottle of lotion to reapply if you start to feel your skin getting irritated.

(5) Always bring bandaids. Once in a while a shoe is just that uncomfortable, and will need a solid couple of weeks to break in. Just apply a bandaid to whichever part of the shoe is particularly irritating and you'll at least be able to break in the rest. If you still need a bandaid after a few weeks of wear, it's possible that the shoes are just not high quality or don't fit you correctlly. Try and stay away from that cut in the future.

(6) If all else fails, take an Advil. Sometimes you're out and about and you have no choice but to remain standing, despite whatever level of discomfort you may be in. Ibuprofin helps to reduce swelling and can significantly decrease the pain you may be feeling. However, once you've learned to master all the tips above, you shouldn't have to fall back on medication.

August 17, 2012

Makeup: The Zoharous Way of Doing Makeup for Glasses

Seeing this makeup video on YouTube today has totally made my day! I had been wearing glasses for just seven years. Before I stopped wearing them, I always thought that makeup was a 'No-No' for me. The feeling that no one would ever notice that I was wearing makeup clouded both my already blurred vision and my mind's eye. So makeup was not an option in my spectacular career of glasses-wearing. 

The thought that there were and are videos like this out there was very soothing and it makes me feel that even when I start wearing my glasses again, there's still a way out of the eye makeup dilema.

This is a video by MichellePhan... Enjoy!

Bobbie Brown says, 
"Wearing glasses draws attention to your eyes, so it's best to keep your eye makeup simple. Stick to neutral shades on the eyes but remember to blend a darker color into your crease for added definition. Save the bright, bold colors for your lips. Of course, don't forget corrector and concealer - a must for all women, especially if you're wearing glasses."

I gathered some tips for the 'glasses-wearers' and here they are:

(1) Not all specs suit everyone, so always consider the shape of your face when on a hunt for the perfect frames
Round: According to style expert, Nicky Hambleton-Jones,  "Both wide and angular frames help the face look longer."
Square: Wearing rounded or oval-shaped glasses helps to  balance out a wide jaw line and forehead.
Oval: Oval faces suit most frame shapes, especially if you have higher sheekbones.
Heart-shaped: 'Avoid choosing glasses that are narrower at the bottom,' says Nicky.

(2) 'A soft, sweeping side fringe looks great with narrow, rectangular frames and really helps to soften angular faces,' according to  Jonathan Long of Lockonego. 'Thin, light-colored frames tend to suit blunt, sharp fringes best. But if you have a blunt fringe, be sure it stays above the top of your frames, as long, overgrown fringes will look messy.

(3) Heavily made-up, sultry eyes are a fantastic look, but if you have specs already focusing attention on the eye area, the effect can be over the top. 'Avoid going for a dark, smokey eye, which can be empowering,' advises Nicky. 'Instead, try applying a dark grey or navy kohl pencil into the outer corner of your upper and lower lash line and smudge for a smoky effect.'

(4) Always take your glasses along when you're having your hair cut or colored.


Tips for choosing the right glasses

August 13, 2012

Newest Design from Zoharous: African Print Summer Dress

This is my latest design under my new name, Zoharous. For this dress, I wanted something free and fun to mark the start of a new period in my life... I guess that's what I created. 

Inspiration for this dress was gathered from the show, Jane by Design... again [with Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby]. However, I don't think I gave the dress enough 'Puff' [as in the photos of my inspiration] but I still love this dress.

Model: Terry
African Print Summer Dress by Zoharous [Self]
Styling by Belinda
Shoes by Unknown Designer

The fabric for this dress was a gift from my mom and I seriously couldn't think of what to sew with it until I watched a few episodes of the show. 

The wedges worn by my model were also a gift from one of my sisters and I must say... I fell in love with them when I saw them for the first time.

In my mind, I see big names and huge celebrities wearing my designs in the future and I have a feeling, that its not going to take much longer... What do you guys think???

My Inspiration:


August 12, 2012

Inspirations: Agbani Darego, Nigeria's First Miss World

Agbani Darego
Darego was born in 1982, in a  town called Abonnema in the Rivers State area of Southern Nigeria. Her full name is Ibiagbanidokibubo Asenite Darego, and she was the sixth of eigth children in her family.

Her father was a customs official, while her mother, Inaewo, had a rice-trading business which caused her to travel very frequently. On her trips, Inaewo bought clothing and sold it in a clothing boutique. It was in this boutique that her daughter, Darego spent many hours in as a little girl, paging through foreign fashion magazines. Darego was later sent off to a boarding school when she was ten years old.
Two years after she went to school, her mother died of breast cancer, and Darego realized she had been sent away to shield her from her mother's condition. 

"I wasn't too happy at first, but it prepared me for my life now," she reflected about being away from home in an interview with Julia Llewellyn Smith of the Mail on Sunday. "I learned to be on my own. It makes you independent."

Since she was little, Ibiagbani Dokibubo Asenite Darego popularly known as Agbani Darego had always dreamed of becoming a model, a career plan dismissed by her father. At six feet, she was unusually tall for a Nigerian-everyone in her family was above-average height-and she was slimmer than the prevailing standard of beauty.
"The way most women look in Nigeria is not the Western ideal," she explained to Garner in the Evening Standard interview.
"In my country, short, curvy women are thought beautiful, not me." Such extra pounds are considered a sign of health and prosperity, and some brides-to-be in Nigeria even cloister themselves in what is known as a "fattening room" two weeks before the wedding in order to gain weight.
Darego had a back-up plan, to study computer science, and had secured a place at a university. She deferred it, however, and began making the rounds of modeling agencies in Lagos, and began entering pageants. In "The Face of Africa" modeling contest, she placed as a runner-up. In January of 2001 she won the "Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria" contest, which made her eligible for the Miss World pageant later that year.
The global-beauty event was held in Sun City, South Africa, and that year was hosted by American television personality, Jerry Springer. Initially, Darego was a long shot to win, but that year's contest had a new feature: television viewers could phone in and vote for their favorite contestant.

On that November evening, Darego became Miss World 2001, and failed to erupt in tears. It was the first time in recent memory that the winner had maintained her composure.
Darego was the first Nigerian to win the Miss World crown, but more importantly was the first black woman from an African country to win it. Black women had won the title before, but they hailed from Caribbean lands.

Three other women from African nations had taken the crown over the years, but two were white women from South Africa, and the other an Arabic contestant from Egypt in the 1950s.

There were massive celebrations in Nigerian cities the same night that Darego was crowned, and when she returned to Nigeria for her first official visit she met with government ministers and took part in a four-day celebration.
She was even made an honorary member of the Council of Chiefs in Lagos, an extraordinary honor for a woman as young as she was and one that made her the country's youngest chief.

Darego chose to become a patron of a breast-cancer awareness program and dedicated her crown to her mother. She also devoted time during her Miss World year to an anti-malaria campaign. "I had malaria as a child, but I was privileged to have hospital treatments," she explained in the Mail on Sunday interview with Smith.

"So many others die because they can't get drugs." She spent much of the year traveling, but used London as her base, in a home she shared with her younger sister. All told, she walked the Great Wall of China, attended the Cannes Film Festival and England's Royal Ascot-where she wore a stunning fuchsia ensemble and requisite elaborate hat-and was photographed for American Vogue.

Darego landed a three-year contract with L'Oreal, the cosmetics giant, during her Miss World year. A born-again Christian, she does not drink or smoke, and had rarely even worn makeup prior to her Miss World year.

She had ambitious plans for the rest of her career. "I'm not going to be a model for the rest of my life," she told the Evening Standard's Garner. "I want to be a successful businesswoman. I want to be good at everything." However, there have been rumors going round social network sites and blogs, which claim that former Miss World, Agbani Darego, 29, is engaged to be married to former Governorship aspirant and politician Timi Alaibe, aged 50.


August 7, 2012

Good News from Beeline Clothings!

Hi Everyone,
The Good News is that, Beeline Clothings is now Zoharous!
Cool, Right?!?

Well, the word, 'Glamour' was my biggest inspiration. I wanted to use the Hebrew word for 'Glamour', which is 'Zohar' but it was already in use by many companies. So in an attempt to be creative, I had to re-think the whole concept.

I figured that, if Glamour is Zohar in  Hebrew, then I could re-invent something different out of it so I simply added '-ous', as in 'Glamorous'

So... Welcome to my Zoharous world... This is my new Logo!
What do you think??? 

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