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September 8, 2012

Style: The Cropped Sleeve Blazer

Blazers are a huge trend this fall and the crop is the added touch to this trend. The trendsetters say,

"It’s actually one of the most basic ways of styling your blazer. The cropped sleeve blazer is basically lifting your blazer’s sleeves up to have that gathered look around your elbows. 
Not only does this add detail to your look, but it also adds a whole new style dimension to the usual streamlined sleeves of your outerwear."

Photo From: 10 Crosby Derek Lam Resort 2013
There are actually three major ways to crop your blazer’s sleeve. First way is to fold the edge backwards until the middle of your forearms. Afterwards, you pull your sleeve back until the folded edge is at the end of it and just before the elbows. Next method would be to fold the edge backwards once and then pull it above your elbow. The final way to achieve a cropped sleeve blazer look is to not fold the edge at all and pull it up until your forearms or at the elbow part or even after it.

Photo From: Burberry Prosum Resort 2013
Cropping the sleeves of your blazer is actually a great way of ‘styling’ the item. Usually blazers end at the edge of your palm or at your wrist. Sometimes, it even ends at the middle of your palm. Either way, it can become boring if you just keep it wearing the same way. By styling it, you can actually stretch your dollar a bit when it comes to your blazer. You can create a whole new look and vibe with just some small tweaks in this beloved fashion item — and that is just the sleeve.

Photo From: Rachel Zoe Resort 2013
A cropped sleeve blazer can also create a whole new depth and dimension on your body. Exposing the forearms, it can actually make your whole arm a little slimmer and longer. The cropped and gathered part of the sleeve is also great in creating volume in that area. So if you are a little slim in that body part and wish to create more muscle in that area, by all means, do this style!
But what about the women with big arms? Oddly enough, the cropped sleeve blazer can actually balance it. Because it makes the forearms exposed, that would be the first thing that they would focus on, provided that the blazer is dark in color. The cropped and gathered sleeve in the upper arm actually creates a distracting detail that would hide or even minimize that area.

Photo From: Zero+Maria Cornejo Resort 2013

Overall, the cropped sleeve blazer is a great trend to actually get into. 
(1) You don’t even have to buy another fashion item to achieve this. You can actually do it with the current blazers that you have. So that is definitely a good reason. 
(2) Cropped sleeves can actually flatter and accentuate your upper body, in general, and your arms in particular. So to those who needs these effects, go ahead and do this! 
(3) Finally, this style trend is timeless. Anyone can do it, whatever age bracket they are in. So you know that it encompasses in terms of wearability.

Video done by beautybyjj on YouTube 


  1. I loveeee blazers! Very interesting post! We are following you! Xoxo ( :

  2. I love blazers! I'm so glad they're making a comeback. I mean, maybe they never went out of style, but I used to be really into them back in high school about 6 years ago. They go with pretty much I said, I'm glad to see them back, as I was subconsciously planning on wearing one to an upcoming wedding. :)

    1. That's lovely Victoria. I'm sure you'll look awesome at the wedding.

      Take care!

  3. i love this style! :D

    p.s. the color of the last one = gorgeous!!!

    <3, Mimi
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  5. I love blazer! Just saw the video, this is so cool! I love the shoes, the zara blazer and the pants:)
    kisses chris


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