October 25, 2012

Makeup | Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup

Hi Everyone,
These days, I've been looking for the best makeup tips for applying foundation and mascara and eyeliners and all that you can think of. 
I know you're probably think... this girl watches too many videos...
I just can't help it!

Well, I found this cool tutorial on how to do everyday makeup and its really good. I might say its one of the best I've seen.

Have you watched any cool videos recently or heard about cool and easy makeup tips??? Then maybe you should share it with the rest of us.
You can leave the link to the video as a comment but if you'd like me to add it to my makeup posts, then send me an email... It'll be up on Zoharous before you can say Makeup!

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Products used:
Loreal Eye Liner 
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
Ardell Eye Lash Glue
Eyelashes #33 from Walmart
Contacts: GEO super nudy series in pink
Loreal mascara
Rimmel London White Eyeliner

Video Courtesy:
dearestabbie - Youtube

October 15, 2012

Did You Know... about the Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation line???

Guess what, Guys?
I know I've already done a Did You Know post but I totally had to ask the question again... Did You Know ... ???

Two actresses, Jessica Alba and Michelle Williams, were spotted in the same pair of printed pants from the upcoming Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation line. According to Yahoo! OMG!, this all happened at Kohl's department store. 

The weird part of this reveal is that the pieces from this collection range won't even hit stores until November and prices are from $30 to $150. Now everyone who sees this article on Yahoo! OMG! thinks, 
who wore this best???

                          Seeing these photos, remind me of my post on the cropped trousers

"Alba [left], 31, styled the pants with a black top, black leather motorcycle jacket, a black messenger bag, and T-strap heels as she strolled around Los Angeles. The Honest Company entrepreneur was a little overdressed just to be running errands, don't you think?
Meanwhile, Williams [right], 32, sported the piece while walking her pooch, Lucky, in Portland, Oregon. She paired her pants with a button-down top, Narciso Rodriquez from DesigNation shrunken blazer, black slippers, and dark sunglasses. Perhaps her actual pajama pants — as opposed to this PJ-inspired design — were dirty?"
~ Raechal Leone Shewfelt, A-Line: Celebrity Style

Please let me know who you think worn it best and 
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October 14, 2012

Hair: How to cut Your own side bangs/ fringe

Hi Everyone!

I recently thought of giving myself a cut but I didn't know what I wanted to do... Plus, going all the way to the salon wasn't in my plans so I decided to give myself 'The Ultimate Fringe' [or as some of you might call it, bangs].

Even though I'm getting help from my sister, we also watched a few videos on YouTube and this one was really helpful.

The video was made by milkyvoodoo and I think she's great... It's not easy to make a video, you know... especially not one with you cutting your own hair.

I hope you all like it as much as I did. 

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October 13, 2012

Halloween 2012

I just found out about this cool promo from Chinese-Apparel.
We all know that everyone is in an really expectant mood for Halloween, I'm pretty sure you are too :)
So on behalf of Chinese-Apparel, I'd like to announce their new promo with secret name - "Halloween 2012"!
Every lovely customer who makes a purchase for 50$ and more will get a chance to win Chinese-Apparel 100$ voucher!

What you need to take part in this competition: 
1. Like their
Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/chineseapparelcom)  and Pinterest page (http://pinterest.com/Chineseapparel/

- all updates regarding this promo will be sent to their Facebook and Pinterest pages.

2. Make a purchase of 50$ or more

3. Wait untill 11.01.12 [when the winner will be announced].

Updates will be sent to the Facebook page about every new candidate - so if you make a purchase - you will see your name on our page.
Promo is valid from 10.09.12 till 10.31.12 
(This is a piece of good cartoon about Halloween: 
"Nightmare Before Christmas")


Good luck to everyone and have a scary Halloween!!

October 10, 2012

Did You Know... Your Business Cards are Makeup items???

I would have never thought that this is possible but what do you know??? 
It is! 
Thanks to MichellePhan and other makeup artists, we know how to use business cards to do our every day makeup.

Just learnt some really cool tips from this video! 

Great job Michelle!

If any of you loved the song in this video as much as I did, here's where I downloaded it from (Zippyshare).
Cool right!


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Zoharous: Mustard Pencil Dress with Tie and Dye African Print Band

Wow! Its been sometime since my last post. But I can assure you guys that I wasn't just being idle. 
Nope...  on the contrary, I've been working, working, working. It had been a while since I posted some of my designs so I had to get to work on something spectacular.

This is the dress that I'd like to call the Mustard Pencil Dress with Tie and Dye African Print Band

Model: BB
Mustard Pencil Dress with Tie and Dye African Print Band by Zoharous
Styling by Belinda
Sandals by Local Cobbler 
Necklace (Stylist's own) 

Doing this piece was really fun and exciting even with my amateur sewing skills. The fact that I got the chance to blend this very foreign cotton fabric with the Tie-and Dye African Print strip gave the dress some diversity. No matter how much love I have for this dress, I can't keep it so it's already on sale in my Etsy Shop. See how I described it in the shop,

"This mustard colored pencil dress by Zoharous has been crafted from a cotton fabric. The details include: a round neckline, sleeveless styling, a plain mustard fabric with a tie and dye contrast fabric wrapped around the bust-line. The dress has been cut with a form fitting style..." 

I think I'm finally getting the hang of it... For this look, I had a lot of inspiration that and made this a very confusing choice of styling.


The pencil dress like the pencil skirt is an outfit that flatters a woman's curves and give an hourglass shape. So the only tips I have for taking control of this look is
"Just rock it!
... and don't forget that these dresses always look amazing with heels"

Inspirations Photos Courtesy: Google Images

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