November 22, 2012

Supporting a Just Cause

Let me take some time off fashion to tell you all about something very dear to my heart. 

It's about a life saving, future-altering campaign currently being run on Indiegogo. This campaign, called the Dexter's Lab Project, seeks to make the teaching and learning of science less abstract by providing schools with a well equipped science laboratory which will bring a better understanding of science to the pupils and also present science as fun after all and  not difficult as it may seem when you can't appeal to the senses of the kids being taught in the traditional teaching of science. 

 Please do well to check out this campaign on The Dexter's Lab Project  and help make it happen for the team, schools and the kids at large.

Thanks guys and don't forget to watch this video created by the team!

November 17, 2012

Zoharous | African Print Dress with crew neckline

Model: BB
African Print Dress with crew neckline
by Zoharous
Styling: by Belinda
Sandals by Local Cobbler 
Necklace & Belt (Stylist's own)
Hi Everyone,

This is one of my newest designs, I named it "African print dress with crew neckline" and I absolutely fell in love with it the moment it was done. The fabric is called DaViva, which comes in a variety of themes colors and the designs are inspired by the purest of traditions from around the world. The cool part is that they're made of pure cotton. Working with this fabric is just awesome because all through, I looked forward to seeing the finished. 

When I decided to start this dress, I wanted to recreate one of my previously made pieces but two came to mind, and I had to choose only one.

The Beeline Tangerine Pencil Dress, was a piece that I loved so much and broke my heart to sell it at my store.
Another dress I was looking to recreate is the Beeline Tie and Dye Summer Dress... that was also a personal favorite. I'm still wondering why I chose the pencil dress.

Maybe I'm probably looking to perfect me pencil dress making abilities... it looks like its turning out good. The only weird thing, for now, is that recently, my models are headless. I guess this is the last time it will happen.

What do you think about this dress, the styling and everything else???

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