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January 24, 2013

Zoharous | Lace Pencil Dress

Lace is a trend I have loved and always wanted to try out and I guess I finally did it... This dress was designed with a cream colored lace and a floral print fabric but I must tell you where my biggest inspiration came from. Does everyone remember the "Royal Wedding"??? I mean Kate Middleton and Prince Williams Wedding???

Kate's dress was a work of art and I totally loved the way Alexander McQueen put it together. 

In an attempt to do something with lace, I made this lace pencil dress. I never knew that you can buy stuff like lace on Amazon and seeing this, it looked like something I could use to achieve the look.

Here are photos of me in the dress I made and I put another inspirational photo at the end of the post. 

Don't forget to tell me what you think and hope you have an awesome week!

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  1. your designs always take my breath away...looking forward to seeing u at ghana dashion week 2013...:-D

    checkout my blog

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! You're so talented! I really love the style of this dress- so classy! :)

    1. Thanks Victoria... Those are such sweet words.

  3. Lace is always gorgous in dress,makes it more feminine and delicate x

    1. That's definitely true Barbara... Thanks for visiting my blog and for you sweet comment!

  4. Ahh yes Kate's wedding dress.... its a beautiful classy piece!
    And thanks for visiting my blog and following - followed you back ;)
    You have some awesome things going on here on your blog :)

  5. very pretty dress, you look gorgeous!

    carol x

  6. Hi! Your dress is so beautiful! I like it very much :) Best wishes from Poland :)

  7. You look awesome dear!!!!!!I love the dress!!!I always adore laces!!!you made it perfectly it fits just right for you!!!



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