March 25, 2013

Makeup | How to Rock Emerald Eye Shadow

Hi Everyone,
I just saw this makeup video and in it, Alexa, a Canadian fashion and beauty blogger [also known on Youtube as stealingbeauty] incorporated the colour Emerald green in her makeup. 

Personally, I think it gave her a very fresh and clean look. You ladies definitely have to try it out... It'll look gorgeous on a night out with the girls and will make an awesome look for a 
date night
How about an early trip to the beach?!? 
Sounds cool!!!

StealingBeauty on Youtube

March 24, 2013

Zoharous | Yellow Scoop Vest with African Print Neckline

Hi Everyone!
The Easter Season is coming up really fast and thinking about the fact that it's the closest holiday feels great!

March 17, 2013

Ghana Fashion & Design Week announces plans for 2013 event


Ghana Fashion & Design Week® (GFDW) is pleased to announce the return of the event in the city of Accra, this October 2013, with the exact date and venue soon to be made public. With Accra ranked 4th must visit city  this 2013 by New York Times

March 13, 2013

Feature of the Month | March, 2013

As Zoharously Glamorous as Leslie Van

Photographer: Ali Ghorbani
"When I am in Hamburg, I’d like to buy clothes I would not find in Paris and the other way round. Having a visibility doesn't mean do the same everywhere in the world."

Leslie Van, the CEO and Owner of her clothing line, Leslie Van. She creates tailor-made dresses on demand and loves to express her glamorous personality through the clothes she designs. 

March 2, 2013

Moguls of Inspiration | Iman, Africa's Pride

Contributor: Theresa, Bijoux qui brillent

I decided to start pimping up my Titles so the posts I used to call Inspiration will now be called "Moguls of Inspiration." It seems to be a more befitting Title even especially to the different celebrities and people I write about in this segment. 

This month's inspiration started taking form in Mogadishu, Somalia. Super modeland beauty icon Iman was born as Iman Abdulmajid on July 25, 1955. 

She was spotted at Canal Walk shopping center in Cape Town, South Africa. Now, the former supermodel and wife of music legend, David Bowie, Iman is in the country promoting her make up line which will be used in the Face of Africa competition.

As the daughter of a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, she grew up in comparatively privileged home, and learned from the earliest of ages the principles of global politics. 

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