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July 15, 2013

Zoharous | African Print Box Pleated Dress with Round Neckline

Hi Everyone!
Today, as I looked through my old photos, I found these two... They're both of dresses I made for a wedding I attended with my 'Perfect ~ sister ~ Francisca' as we call her. She picked out this fabric from the local Wednesday market in Sunyani, where I used to live with my other sisters and our parents. 

Dress by Zoharous
Slippers by Local Shoemaker
Accessories: Model's Own

This is a pleated, short-sleeved dress with a round neckline and zipper closure on the reverse side. The fabric is an African Print fabric designed with white hearts. I wish I knew if it had some sort of meaning since these fabrics always do. The dress is a size 8 [UK] and about 34 inches long.

When this dress was completed, I gave her the washing instructions, since she couldn't wait for me to sew it in. However, I loved the fabric so much when I finished working on it and I didn't want her to destroy it with the wrong washing instructions.

This is what she was supposed to do to care for the dress:

(1) Machine wash with warm water and mild soap
(2) Avoid the spin cycle
(3) Hang to dry
(4) Iron on the wrong side using the setting for cotton, or use cooler settings.

This second photo was taken with her after the wedding. I'm wearing a dress I made. It's also in a previous post. My dress, a skater dress, which I also made from a fabric I got as a gift from my mom.

These photos and many others remind me of the lovely memories that I had forgotten. 

I hope they'll remind you to look back into your life and dig up the sweet and happy moments you've forgotten.

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