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January 26, 2014

Review | Zoharous in 2013

Hi Eveyone!

Thanks for passing by... I know I'm probably the last blogger to do my 2013 review but I just wanted to and ended up doing it this late.  

These photos are part of a little project I started in 2013. I attended the Ghana Fashion and Design Week, 2013, which was held in October. These photos were meant to go into a collage of street style photos but it didn't happen.

This post shows highlights of my best moments of 2013 at the event and I guess some other people's best moments of the show. Well, here are the photos for days 1 and 2.


Anita... my Assistant

Yours Truly in my Zoharous Coffee Dress. See Here

Loved her feathered shirt!

Cute Shoes... for a man

The things boredom does to you at a fashion show
... especially if they start late.

Day 2:

Thanks, guys... Please leave me a link to your 2013 Review or a comment and I'd love to read about it.

Happy Saturday!

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