June 17, 2014

Opinion | Angelina's Got Competition as Kendall Jenner Wears Double-Slit Dress to the MuchMusic Video Awards

June is definitely the month to bare it all... A couple of days ago, Rihanna was nude in a dress. Today it's Kendall Jenner in the double slit Fausto Puglisi dress. 

Flashback: In 2012, Angelina Jolie's bare leg launched a thousand memes (and its own Twitter account). A little more than a year later, Gwyneth Paltrow introduced side-butt, and now, just a little more than a year after that, Rihanna had her partially nude photos taken Instagram for revealing some nipple. 

However, it looks like partial nudity is getting trendy. I love Kendall's dress too by the way.

I don't know how but she managed to make it chic, she kept things quite covered up on top, and even her hair and makeup was simple and pretty. Jenner showed off some nip for her spin on the Marc Jacobs runway, sure, but red carpets are much different than the catwalk, and she did it up right.

When she and sister Kylie took the stage to host the actual ceremony, they naturally opted for an outfit change (or two):

But while we're all for a lovely white peplum paired with a bold red lip (can you say chic?), we might have to declare the first 'fit the winner—at the very least, for raising the body-baring bar ever higher. Who'd like to take on the challenge? (And more importantly, where could they possibly put the next It Slit?)

Story by: Victoria Dawson Hoff, Elle Magazine
Photographs: Getty Images

June 2, 2014

Trends | Spring Fashion Trends - The Sleeveless Coat

What do you think about the Sleeveless Coat for Spring, 2014?

"The Sleeveless Coat Is a Spring Fashion Trend That Can Carry You Through Pretty Much ALL Seasons ..."

Fashion Market Assistant, Avery Matera 

This Spring, there will be many unexpected happenings - including people cutting off the sleeves of their favourite coats to create their favourite sleeveless coats. 

Come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea.

Everyone must try this spring trend because not only does it show off those gorgeous arms but the perfect sleeveless coat is one worthy layer. You don't have to take it off when you walk inside because you feel totally the same. 

You feel the weather as it is - the wind whipping and sun beating down.  

One thing is for sure, no matter how many coats you have on because the weather is too cold or how few since the weather might be too out there, the sleeveless coat is a must try this spring.  

However, I found this video that was posted in the How To Dress series by The Guardian and I thought it is a must share.

How to Wear:
"Now turn your eye to layering. Since clothing during this time of year can be light and airy, mixing in a piece with a defined shape gives your outfit structure. I love the versatility of a sleeveless trench for this precise reason. With its slight menswear vibe it adds contrast to silky dresses and chunky sandals. Or you can pop it over a top and skirt for extra dimension and coverage..."
Senior Market Editor/Digital Correspondent 
Dana Avidan-Cohn


Do you have any sleeveless coats or jackets? You should definitely share a photo.  

For your concerns, opinions and contributions, please leave a comment here, on Facebook or Twitter and I'll be sure to get back to you.

Thanks and have a good one!


Opinions | Rihanna Nipple-Baring, G-String Showing Dress at the 2014 CFDA Awards–See the Pics!

Transparency has turned out to be a huge trend in 2014. Rihanna definitely proved it in her see-through ensemble. Personally, I love the dress. I think it would look gorgeous if the colour and fabric were more solid.
That hair tie, those shoes and the fur stole on her arms gave this look a Gatsby effect and I think that's pretty. 
Her makeup was fresh and intense all at the same time... it made her look effortless. However, kids watch the CFDA Awards and if people like Rihanna wear clothes that bare her nipples, it might not be a child friendly show. 

Overall, I really like this custom made dress by Adam Selman. Rihanna is said to have had a total of 216,000 Swarovski crystals on that night... Lucky her!

What do you think?!?
... I'm still stunned by the way

Photo Courtesy:
E! Online

June 1, 2014

Feature of the Month | June, 2014

Meet Rudy Everyone!

Rudy Bois |     Source: Rudy Bois

He is a young and talented artist who in my opinion is a total gentleman. Rudy is passionate about fashion design. His greatest joy is to dress the strong, and powerful women of today.  

To him, fashion is merely a reflection of your personality. In his own true words, "... we're all characters in a play and fashion is our costumes."

Enjoy and have a good read!


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