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October 22, 2014

Style | One Scarf Five Ways

Dress custom made by Zoharous
Scarf by Leslie Van

Hi Everyone!

Two years ago, I interviewed an amazing designer called Leslie Van who is based in Hong Kong and Paris. After the was published, Leslie sent me a gorgeous chiffon scarf that I have loved ever since. When I received it, I told her that I was going to do an outfit post and let her know about it and I have been planning it ever since.

Well, I finally did the shoot and featured a few of my designs and some other random pieces of clothing that I own. 

This was a fun shoot... I enjoyed styling the looks and I hope the photos are as tasteful as expected.

Look 1: Scarf on Hat

Using this scarf over the past months, I have come to realize how versatile it is. In this look, I  tied it around the hat in a big bow. I hoped to give the hat a bohemian effect and I guess I nailed it... #wink. Pardon the 'double-shoed' right leg... Photographer's block

Look 2: Scarf as Belt | Chiffon-Chiffon Pairing

In this look, the scarf was used to cinch the waist of this gorgeous chiffon dress. It was again tied  in a bow at the back. By tying the scarf right under my bust, it gives me an 'hour-glass' shape. I also loved how effortless my hair looked and how subtle the make up was in this look... One of my most successful make up moments yet.

Look 3: Scarf Around the Neck 

Here, I wondered how the scarf would work with a blazer... so I tried it. I paired the chiffon dress in the Look 2 with a grey cropped sleeve blazer and I thought it look darn good. In this look, the scarf was just meant to lie effortlessly across my shoulders.

Look 4: Scarf as Neck tie

This was another favourite. In this look, I wanted to play in the Nautical trend so I pair the scarf with this black and white dress. This look made me feel like so sort of 'Shipmate', which I thought was fun! 

Look 5: Scarf as Headband

This look needs no explanation... I felt 'super-girlie' and I knew I totally had to try this look, where I paired the same dress in look 4 with the scarf again. Only this time, the scarf is a head band.

Many thanks go to my sister, Anny who I had to drag out of bed to take the photos so we didn't miss the morning light; Joseph of Phlotur, who's the amazing photographer that lent me his equipment for the shoot and to Leslie for giving me the most versatile scarf in the world.

I love you all!

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