March 13, 2015

DIY | Blue Ombre Button-Down Shirt

Hi Everyone!

If you love DIYs, this is definitely for you... I figured this would be an awesome Saturday project for those of us who're 'busy bees'. 

Don't forget to share photos of your version here on my facebook page or even on twitter.

Have a Good Weekend!


March 11, 2015

How To | Building Your Self Confidence

Hi Everyone!

Sunday was International Women's Day and I remembered this video by Michelle Phan I watched a while ago. 

Some women across the globe have confidence issues and it's hard for them to deal with it all by themselves. If you feel that way, then this video is for you... I know it has helped me too.

I pray this does it for you.

Hugs and Kisses!

March 10, 2015

Appreciation Series | Jameela of Alora Boutique

This year, I decided to continue my appreciation series to mention and show my love to all the beautiful women who have been part of the growth of my business. These women have sent me a lot of encouragement as they shared their photos with me.

One of such women is the lovely Jameela of Alora Boutique. Now, someone I can call a friend Jameela has sent me these gorgeous photos of herself in my designs and I just love the way she styles the pieces.

These Tie-Dye Cigar Trousers was the first item she bought from me. 

Earliest meeting was at a fair I attended here in Accra, Ghana. She bought these trousers from me but unfortunately, they didn't fit so she came by my home studio and I worked on them for her. The next thing I knew she had sent me this lovely photo of herself on a Night Out... I was truly touched.

Ever since she has continued to purchase from me and I am always grateful to her for her warm encouragement and of course, her friendship.

Thanks and hope you come back for the next appreciation post.


March 9, 2015

Vlisco Women's Month 2015 ~ Vlisco Continues Its Successful Women's Month Campaign With the Third Edition Dubbed 'Live The Dream'

Accra, 6th March, 2015International Women’s Day, on 8 March, celebrates women around the world. The success of Vlisco Women’s Month in previous years motivated the brand to continue the celebration of inspiring women of West and Central Africa during the whole month of March. This year’s theme is LIVE THE DREAM, a tribute to women who have the courage to turn their dreams into reality, despite the challenges they face in their daily lives.

Barbara Kanam, Vlisco Women’s Month’s campaign face
The face of this year’s campaign is award-winning Congolese singer-songwriter Barbara Kanam, who had the conviction to turn her passion for music into a career as one of Africa’s most popular singers, despite her parents having other plans for her.

Vlisco Women’s Month Award
The Vlisco Women’s Month Award, which is part of the celebrations, honours the outstanding achievements of West and Central African women by identifying and rewarding those who inspire others to realise their dreams. Vlisco has nominated three women in Ghana for the Vlisco Women’s Month Award 2015. Chosen by public vote, the winner, who becomes a Vlisco brand ambassador for 2015, will be revealed during the Vlisco Women’s Month Award Night on the 11th April. 

The public can find out more about the nominees and follow their activities at dream.vlisco.comFor a chance to win incredible prizes, they can vote for their favourite nominee online, by SMS or in-store.

The nominees for Vlisco Women’s Month 2015 in Ghana are:

Valerie Labi-Okudzeto
From an early age, Valerie Labi-Okudzeto, was always actively seeking opportunities that allowed her to innovate and create positive change. Today, she is the CEO of Clean Team Ghana, dedicated to improving sanitation services in Ghana. Her aim is revolutionise how waste is removed from households and furthermore catalyse innovation and commercialisation of municipal waste.

Vlisco nominated her because she is a young woman who has been making a difference from an early age. She is determined to use her business expertise in ways that will benefit the people of Ghana and to tackle a very important issue affecting Africa - sanitation. Her story is an inspiration to all especially the young people of Ghana.

Text Valerie to 1759 to vote for Valerie Labi-Okudzeto

Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson
Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson is the founder and executive director of the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, a foundation that provides academic and financial support for girls including applicants with special needs. Her personal experience of acquiring a physical disability after a traumatic brain injury combined with academic research into this area compelled her to start the foundation and ensure that at least 10% of students admitted had a special need. 

Vlisco nominated her because we were touched by Elizabeth's story. The fact that despite all that had happened in her life she has proven that disability is not inability. She has strong values and a big dream of ensuring all girls and women have equal footing in Ghana and across the globe. Her story will inspire many women in Ghana

Text Elizabeth to 1759 to vote for Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson

Kokui Selormey
Kokui Selormey is the award winning co-host of a leading TV breakfast show and a classical singer. Her vocal talent has taken her to concert venues across the United States and Ghana with a repertoire ranging from classical music to traditional melodies. She uses her talents to help raise funds for many charitable causes and is an advisor to a non-governmental organization that supports the survival of children in Ghana.

Vlisco nominated her because Kokui Selormey is a leading Television and Radio personality in Ghana who inspires many young women who want to follow in her footsteps.  She also helps to educate Ghanaians on the beauty of classical music through her musical talent. She is very stylish and serves as an inspiration to most Ghanaian women.

Text Kokui to 1759 to vote for Kokui Selormey

Vlisco Fashion Fund

Another important aspect of the Vlisco Women’s Month campaign is the Vlisco Fashion Fund, which supports upcoming fashion designers and tailors in West and Central Africa to live their dream. 

Novice fashion designers and tailors are encouraged to pitch their business plan before March 15, for the chance of winning master couture classes, a start-up fashion business package and funding. Only complete plans pitched via before 15 March 2015 have a chance to win.  Finalists are invited for an interview at the Vlisco office in Ghana to present their plan, share their fashion ambition and show their skills. With its strict selection procedure, Vlisco is able to scout the true fashion talents of Ghana and support them in realising their fashion dream. 

The winner of the Fashion Fund Award will be announced at the Vlisco Women’s Month Award Night on the 11th April 2015.

New this year
There will be 1 winner in every country where the Vlisco Women’s Month campaign runs (Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria). This is because Vlisco wants to encourage fashion talents in all of its core markets.
The Vlisco Women’s Month celebrations
Various Vlisco Women’s Month activities will take place during the whole month of March, with special offers at participating boutiques and various themed events. The Vlisco Women’s Month nominees will join several activities in Ghana to empower women in the areas of business, education and health. At these events, they will share their success stories to encourage other women to face their own challenges and realise their dreams.

Vlisco, a story as unique as our fabrics
Our heritage is quite unlike any other. Since 1846, we’ve created unique textiles influencing the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa.

Ever since Vlisco’s inception over 160 years ago, there’s been an unbroken bond between our fabrics and the African women they adorned. For countless generations, true beauty and wisdom have been passed down from mother to daughter. Knowledge about heritage, culture, traditions and their love of original Wax Hollandais. This bond between women and Vlisco has continued to deepen over the last century and Vlisco is now woven into the very fabric of African culture. A bond that is sure to endure for centuries to come.

Vlisco, the true original, since 1846.

More information & photos
For more information, photos or requests for interviews with Vlisco or the nominees, please contact:
The One Event Ltd
Paschorina Mortty or Nana Adjoa Hagan
+233 302 798910 | +233 277 814340 | +233 504990409

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