February 10, 2016

7 Valentine's Day Fashion Gift Ideas Under $100 for Her

"Put up your hands if you love to celebrate Valentine's Day!"

After we celebrate the beginning of the new year with our beloved friends and family, Valentine's Day soon creeps in and then we get to express our love and affection for these beloved people by giving them gifts. I know I have a long list of girlfriends to give gifts to but how about you? 
What do you want to give to your loved ones?

Here are 7 awesome handmade items I picked from Etsy that will make great gifts for that dear girlfriend and guess what, they're all under $100. 

1. The Pyramid Cosmetic Bag (Colour: Penny Pink) $77. This gorgeous clutch is made in Munich, Germany, sold in Lara Kazis on Etsy and is a glamorous accessory that any girl will love :) It's the perfect gift for the minimalist girlfriend and also the geometry-loving chic. Ithink I want this for myself... :)

2. The Diamond Pendant, $62.90. 

It always a hit-or-miss with giving gifts but with Jewelry, it's always a hit and this beautiful Diamond Pendant is exactly that. Also available in Gold plated diamond, Pink Gold Plated Diamond and Rhodium Plated Diamond; these pendants all come with a long chain of about 90cm. They are absolute show-stoppers and sure conversation starters. It is made and shipped from Grosseto, Italy and since you're online now, you might as well visit the shop called SatoriJewellery on Etsy.


For the girl who loves her bath, scrub and body products, this Bath Salt from Fareisle is the ideal gift. Made from Beach Rose petals, Himalayan Pink Salt, and French Pink Clay, these salts are perfect for skin rejuvenation and great for sensitive skin. 

4. Women's Gift Fox Wife Gift Hair, $24.99

These hair combs are just what you need for those friends who want everything personalized. They beautiful hair accessories and the wood component makes is an accessory that is easy to match up with any outfit. Check them out at Woodartukraine.

For the Home Decor Gal, try one of these geometric candle holders. It's not only a good gift for the minimalist in your life but it's a piece that any one will love. Shop these candle holders at Lonesomehobo.

This elegant silver necklace with the September birthstone is a wonderful gift that can be worn for any occasion especially for Bridesmaids. Check them out at Beadxs.
Love Naomi Studio has these gorgeous birthstones that are a staple piece for every woman.


To share your opinions on Valentine's Day and other gift ideas, please leave a comment here, on FacebookTwitter or instagram and I'd be sure to get back to you.

Happy Wednesday!


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