February 7, 2017

Look What I Found | Stylewe.com

I don't know if its just me but do you just stumble upon the coolest websites? It happens to me all the time and today I thought, I definitely have to share this with you guys.


So the website is StyleWe and I honestly expected the clothes on there to be more expensive than they were. I put a few of their pieces in my cart including this cute jumpsuit and a gorgeous accessory for my next hairstyle video on Youtube.

February 3, 2017

How to Kill it in Wedges and Heels

As you can probably tell from how I dressed in this picture, I was feeling skimpy... yep... feeling naughty on a Sunday morning. The task for the day was really simple - dress up and go to church. I had to go to church today looking all modest and holy but I just wanted to go with this short dress and wedges. Leaving the house, all I could think of was how much pain I could have be feeling in these shoes... but strangely, I was as comfortable as a pea in a pod. 

blue dress, black wedges, yellow bench

So now I want to share 4 tips on how to wear platforms and high heels in general.

February 1, 2017

[VIDEO] 6 Steps for starting a successful healthy hair journey

Welcome back to BeeinStylish (formerly Zoharous). I'm really happy that you're reading this and guess what? 

There are lots of things to talk about this year... many stunning trends, gorgeous styles, DIYs and I just can't wait. But first we need to start with our hair. This year, I'll go back to making more hair tutorials on Youtube as I used to do in 2015... Yes, I know it was a long break but I'm back... believe me this time :) I'll love to know if there's anything you want me to talk about either here or on the youtube channel

So, since I can't leave you with nothing, I have to share this video I found on youtube by Green Beauty Channel about starting a successful healthy natural hair journey.

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