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April 3, 2020

3 Instagram Influencers that Share the Best African Style

Today's African fashion industry is still on the way towards worldwide growth. One thing we, however, can't stop thinking about is how glamorous young women continue to style African print clothing and look ravishing, no matter the occasion. Some of the young women on our list are A-List bloggers and influencers in their own right but most importantly, they are women living regular lives. That is why we think you'll love their style tips.  

1. Style Connaisseur

At first glance, Angel is a vase of happiness and her love for African inspired fashion is one thing you can't miss as you scroll through her feed on Instagram. As the Style Connaisseur, her 64.3K Followers receive a daily dose of her style and get to experience a wide variety of fashion designers through her. She has styled the designs of many amazing designers including Mae Otti, Style Temple, and Cynthia Abila and Angel continues to dazzle. Check her out and let her know we sent you her way :)

2. Hayet Rida
This Ghanaian Beauty and LifeStyle Blogger is one Ghana should be very proud of. Hayet has an amazing spirit and she influences her followers by sharing her life experiences with them through her platform as an influencer. In an effort to spread this support, she set up the Rida collective, as a Hub for Influencers, Brands and Content Creators. 

What we love the most about Hayet is her style and how she embraces different silhouettes. Her blog portrays who she is as a person and in my opinion, she is a 'Spontaneous Fashionista' and has been spotted rocking some notable African fashion brands such as Ofuure

If you love blogs, check out her's HERE but if you're an instagram fan... as we all are, stop by her profile HERE and give her our love!

Assa is an African influencer based in Paris, France and everything about her on instagram shows that she absolutely loves to travel, loves water and loves the beach! But what I fell in love with about Assa is her style and how she literally brings you into her bubble. Her skin is gorgeous and it compliments African prints beautifully. If you do run into her, on the street, you're a fan! 

For the perfect weekend read or watch, check out these gorgeous ladies and you have my permission to stalk them... don't worry ;)

To share your opinions on any fashion enthusiasts to feature next, please leave a comment here, on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and I'd be sure to get back to you.

Enjoy the rest of the week, Wash Your Hands, and Stay Safe.

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