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March 19, 2016

5 of the best Fashion enthusiasts to Follow on Instagram Now

The fashion industry today is still on the way towards growth worldwide. Last month, I made my first list of Instagram Sensations, which you can read HERE. The influencers that I studied this month are amazing women in their own right and getting to know them is truly worth the read.

Here is a list 5 of some of the best fashion enthusiasts to follow on Instagram this month, this week, tomorrow, today or better still, NOW. To follow this series from the beginning, you can check HERE and don't forget to follow these beautiful ladies.

Profession: Journalist and BEFFTA Award-Winning Wardrobe Stylist
Follower Count: 14.1K
Handle: @stylecheckbydee 
Dee, as she is known on Instagram and across the web is an honorary journalist and stylist who clearly loves her job... and you should check her out to experience her amazing style :)

Profession: Style Blogger
Follower Count: 6,420
Handle: @loibdressy
First of all, her love for Hats is totally Intoxicating and as for her style, it is an understatement! Love is a blogger who portrays a certain level of a vintage vibe in all her outfits and her style as a whole. It's very interesting.

A photo posted by coco (@cocobassey) on
Profession: Style Blogger
Follower Count: 18.6K
Handle: @cocobassey
Impeccable Style is the first thing you notice when you visit Coco either on her blog and on any of her social media platforms. You might also notice her amazing taste in clothing... I couldn't help it and I'd bet you won't either. 

Profession: Beauty, Life and Style Blogger
Follower Count: 29.2K
Handle: @ivycoco23
The gorgeous Ivy is a magazine collector, who loves pictures of flowers. For all you minimalists out there, I'd say she looks like a member of the clan but minimalist or not, Ivy Coco style is to a-m-a-z-i-n-g.


Profession: Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger
Follower Count: 19.5K
Handle: @cassiedaves
The ever-stylish Cassie seems to love her glasses... for now, I can say she has 5 frames that fit her face. She's a 90s kid who wears the massive hat of being a medical doctor, a model, and an entrepreneur. The lifestyle section of her blog really helps showcase her organization skills... which led her to design her own Blog Journal #mustsee  


Do you love these sort of posts? 
Do you know any fashion enthusiasts you'd like to see featured here?   


For the perfect weekend read or watch, check out their websites below:
(1) Cassie Daves
(2) Ivy Coco
(3) Coco Bassey
(4) Loibdressy
(5) Stylecheckbydee


To share your opinions on any fashion enthusiasts to feature next, please leave a comment here, on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and I'd be sure to get back to you.

This is You, This is Beautiful.

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