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February 20, 2016

5 Absolutely Awesome Bloggers to Follow on Instagram Now

The women's wear industry keeps growing worldwide and the influencer network is also growing at the same speed. Yearly, we see a boom in the women's wear market and fashionistas, as well as retailers all around the world, are thrilled.

With all the buzz from the ongoing New York Fashion Week, I have compiled a list of some of our favorite as well as some upcoming enthusiasts to follow on Instagram. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the fun everyone is having, whether as a Blogger, Creative Director, Editor, Photographer, Stylist or just the regular person who just dresses really well? Follow these guys.

A photo posted by Terrie (@bijouxquibrillent) on
Profession: Blogger and Makeup Artist
Follower Count: 2,172
Handle: @terrie.berrie
Terry is a visionary blogger who's makeup blog has always been about Beauty and its Enhancements. She believes strongly in a quote by Charlotte Tilbury that says, "Beauty is Power and Makeup is something that Enhances it - a woman's secret." I think I agree... Do you???

Profession: Fashion Blogger and Stylist
Follower Count: 14.5K
Handle: @dimplekhadi
Ukrainian based Nigerian, Khadijah is a familiar face when it comes to modest street style roundups. Her eclectic style is what defines her niche as a renowned Style blogger and let's not forget her unflinching love for headwraps... She honestly makes me want to try a headwrap sometime :) 


A photo posted by Jessica (@jeansandateacup) on
Profession: Style Blogger
Follower Count: 5,199
LA-based Personal Style blogger, Jessica, does not hesitate to show off her favorite basic piece, which are without a doubt, a pair of jeans, on her blog and on her other social media platforms. Her love for neutral palettes is no secret and she definitely one Californian gal to emulate.


A photo posted by A SISTER'S CROWN (@xodeandrea) on
Profession: Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger
Follower Count: 2,407
Handle: @xodeandrea
DeAndrea loves to look her best and most of all she loves to inspire others to look their best as well. Through her blog, A Sister's Crown, she loves to portray her belief in the two key rules that encourage her to never give up and never forget to never give up... I think she's hilarious by the way! But that's just my opinion.


Profession: Beauty Blogger
Follower Count: 7,295
Handle: @simplyuneeke
From recent posts, you're probably wondering why Chidinma the student-foodie has such a uneeke style. Such is the life of a blogger. Her Instagram feed shows her in different facets and she is the epitome of a woman's transformation in beauty. Check her out... she's worth it!


Do you love these sorts of posts? 
Do you know any fashion enthusiasts you'd like to see featured here?   


For the perfect weekend read, check out their websites below:
(1) Terrie Berrie
(2) Dimple Khadi
(3) Jeans and a Cup of Tea
(4) A Sister's Crown
(5) Simply Uneeke


To share your opinions on any fashion enthusiasts to feature next, please leave a comment here, on FacebookTwitter or instagram and I'd be sure to get back to you.

This is You, This is Beautiful.


  1. I haven't hear of most of these ladies, I'm excited to check them out! I love Khadijah's style!

  2. Wow! All Bloggers have a nice inspiration for fashion and Beauty~ ^^ Thanks for sharing~

    Would you like to support each other by follow on GFC & G+?
    Please Let me know if you follow me and I’ll follow back asap!

    Love xx
    Official Seol ♥


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